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to have you with us. i'm will thomas. >> i'm brian bolter. a record crowd of just over 45,000, part of history today at nats park. unfortunately the nationals will now be history if they don't win tomorrow. sports director scott smith here now with what went wrong today. >> the nats in the last two games look a lot different from nats of the regular season outscored today in the game, nats fans waving the red towels, top of the 1st no score edwin jackson facing alan craig. with a runner on, two hits, base hit down the line in left field corner, matt holliday including around, a 1-0 cards lead. into the top of the 2nd now edwin jackson in a jam, two on, no outs, pete kozma at the dish turns on the inside pitch, a three-run home run to left field, jackson done after five innings giving up eight hits, four runs. to the bottom of the 5th nats trailing 4 -0. michael morse, bases loaded, two outs. he can tie it with one big swing. instead he flies out to the right and ending nats fall 8-0 and trail in the series two games to one. the heart of the lineup is not coming through with timely h
. will thomas starts us off with his fate. >> you know, he knows he lost his freedom and essentially got a life sentence given his age. we don't know yet where sandusky will serve his time. it's going to be evaluated and tested and moved to his new permanent home behind bars. as you'll see after the convictions, all the victims that came forward, sandusky still says he lost in court to speck youlation. >> convicted pedophile, jerry sandusky, left the courthouse facing the next three decades behind bars. the 68-year-old will do at least 30 years in prison. >> obviously it's still a life sentence, but it was less than we thought it could have been. we are busy drafting our appeals right now. >> jerry never flinched from his position that he was innocent and that he wanted the opportunity to prove his innocence. >> sandusky is speaking before the sentence, once again denied any wrong doing. and ahead of his sentencing, he read an audio statement from his jail cell. >> they can take away my life. they can make me out as a monster. they can treat me as a monster. they can't take away my heart.
? the first of many times i'm sure we'll be asking that question this time of the year. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm will thomas. >> i'm brian bolter. the entire d.c. area under a freeze warning, the first sign that the season is here. fox 5's gary mcgrady in the weather center now. >> thanks, brian. everybody out there dressed like it's a little winterish out tonight. temperatures are dropping. let me show you current temperatures right now as we suspected, out in the suburbs is where the temperatures are dropping first. gaithersburg 37, frederick 37. here in town we're still sitting at 51 degrees in manassas, 39. you mentioned that freeze warning. it is in place for montgomery county, back over to loudoun county, back down to prince william county, frederick county in it as well. so are carroll and howard. right here in d.c. and fairfax county, prince george's county and anne arundel county you're just talking about a frost advisory. so we're not expecting temperatures here in the district to drop as low, especially those western in northwestern neighborhoods. 41 tonight in town, but
videos and watched carpenter dance. that's entertaining. singing kept us loose. >> ken: a tense playoff atmosphere. >> player: that's what we do. we get tight in the situation. >> ken: >> ken: thanks. back to you. >> joe: kenny, he has to refer to carpenter who is mocking the situation. every time we interview a cardinal, another guy is critiquing the interviewee. >> tim: we interviewed adam wainwright earlier in the game and rafael furcal next to him and adam wainwright gave us his first, that i heard, rafael furcal imitation. chris carpenter is the genesis of that whole thing. >> joe: they travel is pairs; is that the deal? >> tim: they seem to have a good time. >> joe: they do. so let's talk about this. we had an interesting situation. first, cain was taken out. second and third, two out. in a minute, bruce bochy came and got matt cain, with lopez coming in the game. the rain hit, they pulled the tarp on. and we were in a -- at the beginning of a three-and-a-half-hour delay. an announcement came over the speaker in the booth especially when you bring a pitcher in, he has to face a ba
with the idea and how it would be different from the ban in new york city. >>> thanks for joining us tonight. >>> i'm bryan bolter. we are going to start off with the wild police chase in virginia and maryland. at one point a security officer at the walter reed military hospital opened fire. >> here with how it all went down and new details about that suspect, bob. >> reporter: the woman now in police custody is from man as as. she's a nurse's aid but we're not sure whether she had any ties to the hospital in beth ez da where a police officer working for the navy fired a shot at her today. >> by the time police finally caught up with her angela had crashed her mitsubishi with at least one blown tire at a fence. even then officers struggled to get the 27-year-old woman out of her car and into handcuffs. they say she had just caught attention of virginia police while allegedly speeding at highway 66 at 93 miles per hour. minutes into driving into bethesda, police say she crashed her way on to an entrance ramp of walter reed military police officers. we are told they notice. >> we are told they
clinch the national league east division title for the first time ever. thanks for joining us tonight. every shawn yancy. >> i'm will thomas in for brian. the celebration in full swing at the ballpark, more on that in just a moment from scott smith, our sports director, but fox 5's bob barnard starts us off with fan reaction outside the park. bob, take it away. >> reporter: there is some serious natitude here, we. look at shirts. they've already been printed and sold. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: let me talk to this man. this is brian from washington d.c. how you feeling right now? >> right, thank you. >> reporter: what is that like in there? >> overwhelming. it was great to see them win this national title. >> reporter: this happened a little bit in an anti-climactic way because the nats found out and all their fans at around 9:45 when the pittsburgh pirates up in pittsburgh beat the atlanta braves. so with that the nats became the national league east champions. here, this is from masn what it looked like inside. the place went nuts. it was between the top and bottom o
pressure in control and that is going to definitely give us clear skies as we go into the course of tonight. the clouds definitely will be very, very short-lived. a little lingering through the areas of the mountains. other than that, we're going to be clear as far as the skies are concerned. currently, 58 at national airport; 68 annapolis; 54, baltimore; 50, dulles; 52, frederick, a cooler 46 degrees for winchester and the same for culpeper. partly cloudy and clearing skies, heading to 48 degrees. a light northwesterly wind flow expected. they will pick up tomorrow, however, and it's fall. the fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast is going to be a good reflect of that as well and i'll have details later o. i think you might like what you're going to see. back to you. >> thank you, gwen. >>> another debate today for in our candidates. incumbents orange and braun faced off against mary brookes grady and another at catholic university. two at-large seats are contested in of in -- in november. >>> the final showdown between president obama and governor mitt romney in 48 hours. the candidates wi
of a government bailout. governor romney opposed using government funds to help the auto industry. those auto makers are an entry critical, of course, to ohio. >> i bet on american workers and american ingenuity and three years later, that is paying off in a big way. together, our auto industry created a quarter of a million new jobs here in america. >> the president will stay here in the battleground of virginia until tuesday when he flies to new york for that second presidential debate. a lot of democrats pushing him to be more aggressive than he was in the first one. this time, it will be a town hall format with undecided voters. he has to be careful not to be too negative. a tough balancing act as the democratic party wants to see the president stop what republicans are calling mittmentum. fox news. >>> denver police looking at surveillance video after a bullet shattered a window at president obama's campaign office. there were people inside the office when it happened, but no one was hurt. investigators aren't sure whether the office was targeted or if it was a stray bullet. a campaign
, you make profits overseas, as you did not have to pay u.s. taxes. of course, if you're a small business, or a big business, you have to pay even the reduced rate governor romney is talking about. that will create 800,000 jobs, the problem is they will be in china. or india. or germany. that is not the way we will create jobs. the way we will create jobs is not just to change our tax code, but also to double our exports. we are on pace to double our exports. that is why we have kept on pushing trade deals, but trade deals that make sure american workers and businesses are getting a good deal. governor romney talk about china. the private sector, governor romney's company invested in pioneers of outsourcing. that is not my phrase. that is what reporters called it. as far as currency manipulation, the currency has gone up 11% since i have been present because we have pushed them hard. we have put unprecedented trade pressure on china. that is why exports significantly increased under my presidency. babel helped to create jobs here. >> we had -- that will help to create jobs here.
an early exit in the game. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm laura evans. we are joined by scott smith. >> had the nationals in the first playoffs game in st. louis, redskins taking on the falcons. the big story, the big blow to rg3. >> we had a couple of big hits today. still keep holding their breath on both accounts on both of these. when it comes to rg3, still waiting for that sigh of relief. he left the game today with a mild concussion after a nasty hit. we'll take you to the highlights. tied game at 7. about six and a half left in the 3rd. looking down field, decides to cut it up and slides and absolutely leveled. griffin, as you might imagine, slow to get up. after tests, she decided to pull him out of the game and he walks off the field. in steps the other rookie, cousins, just drafted out of michigan state. fourth pass attempt, huge play. moss slips behind the secondary, 77-yard strike. skins up 17-14. cousins decides this is easy. we can do this. but the defense, got worn down by that falcons' o. redskins fall to 2-3 on the year. 24-17 the final. rg
that could have created good jobs and... better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seven, i think it will be a... good thing for the state of maryland. >>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> the glass shattered all over and i saw a flash of light from the muzzle of the gun and i was being shot. >> 10 years to the day after the sniper attacks began one of the victims who survived looks back. >> and the public confession, arnold schwarzenegger visits d.c. and talks openly about his love child scandal and rebuilding his image. >> but we begin tonight with a fox 5 weather alert taking live look outside in oxon hill. can you see how heavy the fog is out there? the rain is mostly gone, but that thick blanket of fog could be hanging around for tomorrow morning's commute. let's go right to sue palka in the weather center for the very latest. >> if it's not one thing, it's the other. heavy rain this morning made driving tough and it's contributing to the big fog layer we have. we do not have a dense fog advisory issued, but the national we
for joining us tonight. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. here are some of the latest headlines now from sandy's aftermath. officials estimate the super storm killed at least 50 people, 8.2 million people without power in states as far as michigan. >> now tonight flooding fears along the potomac river. let's begin the coverage with fox 5's will thomas in alexandria. >> reporter: as you know, we are often here in old town alexandria during our storm coverage at the water he is edge at the end of king street. that's where we are right now. we've been pushed back a bit because indeed there has been flooding. the preparations have paid off. the potomac has spilled over the en. you jean, you're going to push -- edge. eugene, you're going to give people a better idea where we are about a block, block and a half under water right now. the concern and most challenging time of the day was 9:00 this evening. that was high tide. rainwater from the potomac's basin made its way downriver. volunteers did hand out sandbags. business owners absolutely used them. as the water pushes up, here's the rule
already declared states of emergency. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. forecasters fear sandy will turn into what they are calling a frankenstorm, a monster combination of wind, rain and maybe even some snow. sue palka begins our storm coverage with the latest on sandy's track. >> yeah, you look at the picture behind you you were showing radar and you wouldn't think this looks like that kind of a monster storm, but, in fact, we do believe it's going to pull some cold energy, winter-like storm that's coming from the west into itself and become that mega storm that everybody has been talking. about so it will go from a tropical storm to a very strong almost nor'easterlike storm here in the next 36 to 48 hours. now it's still tropical with winds of 75 miles an hour making it a category 1 hurricane. it doesn't look very good, wouldn't be surprised when we get the new track at 11:00, maybe it's tropical storm sandy. it's moving very slowly, but the strength of the system at this point is not a great concern to us. we know it will turn to the northeast a whil
. almost takes us back to when the wish bone was king here at texas, except he is flipping it forward, instead of laterally or behind down the line. >> gus: second down and three. david ash. goes up top and in the corner. he had it. but he could not hold on. >> charles: like pat miller out on the corner again, made the fourth down stop a couple series ago. now he plays it here. gets just enough of the football and also got the arm of ship will ly, so he could not get his hands on it as it bobbled and bounced. >> gus: ash, scrambling, looking. inside the ten. and texas continuing to fight as the longhorns call a time-out. one time-out remaining for matt brown. don't forget, coming up after the game, stay tuned for the at&t fox saturday college post game show. they will cover all of today's action. including the blow. the irish continuing to play well. battle between nebraska and ohio state. >> gus: first down and goal for texas. now the west virginia eight. david ash. in trouble. stays on his feet. looking and end zone. touchdown texas! goodwin! and this one is not over. 15 seconds to
tonight, but changes are on the way for your weekend. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. >>> we'll begin with the deadly meningitis outbreak. five people have died, dozens are sick in six states including maryland and virginia. >> investigators are warning hundreds, maybe even thousands of others may be at risk. bob barnard is working this story tonight. >> that's because of 17,000 vials of the contaminated steroids have been sent to 27 facilities. five in two state are reported to be sick with flu-like symptoms. it's a fungal, not a viral or bacterial form of meningitis that attacks the brain lining and spinal cord now linked to five deaths, 30 others sickened. most of the cases are in tennessee, but there are others in florida, indiana, north carolina and, yes, maryland and virginia. all the infected patients received steroid injections to treat back pain. >> it's very important for your listening audience to know that this meningitis is not transferred person to person. >> reporter: dr. alan morrison is an infectious disease specialist with nova fairfa
thing he did was come out here and set the tone early for us. we carpenter there early and put some runs on the board. we played a great game. the guys played great defense for me. i just tried to emulate him and keep them off the board early and get momentum going our way. >> erin: this team mentioned, people counted them out four or five times by now. what do you anticipate game seven tomorrow, at&t park, this crowd, your crazy dugout? >> player: this place will be loud. i can tell you that. i anticipate coming out here and throwing a great game. us showing up like we have the last two nights. the outcome, i don't know, but i can tell you one thing it will be loud here. >> erin: congratulations. go enjoy it. thank you. joe, back to you. >> joe: erin, thank you. congratulations to ryan vogelsong. what a journey it's been for the right-hander. and it has all come together. for number 32 of the giants. we'll take a break and come back. talk about this one and set up game seven after this. >>> heartbreak in new york, what rg3 is saying about the loss of the giants. >> and a day of relaxati
outside. thanks for joining us tonight, everyone. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. hard to believe it was 80 degrees on saturday. if you stepped out tonight, need to bundle out. that's not all. a few areas are getting showers. sue palka in the weather center with the latest. how low will it again? >> tell you. what the suburbs are already -- go? >> tell you what. the suburbs are already down in the low 40s. this is more typical for the end of november. our high temperature today was only 55, the coolest we've been since way back in late april. let me show you where the showers are. it's nothing like last night, but as we get in a little closer here out toward the leesburg area and reston you've got some very light sprinkles even through the great falls area. this is not anything real heavy, but we'll keep a few showers in the forecast overnight. the real story, though, is the cold. check out these high temperatures today. it has been a while and yes, it is a huge adjustment from all that heat that we had, especially as you mentioned 80 degrees saturday. check out temperatures right
to go up in its stations. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. those signs compare muslim radicals to savaging and sparked court battles in new york and d.c. fox 5's will thomas has the story. >> the d.c. court battle ended today when a federal judge ruled in favor of the group that wants to put up those controversial ads in metro stations. metro felt the ads could cause big problems like the anti- islam movie has done all over the middle east, but then there's that document called the constitution and first amendment. that won out today over safety concerns. four metro stations, glenmont, u street, takoma park, georgia avenue, these stations will see a pro israel ad go up next to these others that equates muslim radicals with savages. here it is. it reads in any war between the civilized man and the savage support the civilized man. support israel. defeat jihad. metro didn't want to allow the posters up for a while, but a judge ruled friday the ads have to go up now. >> we live in a civilized society where free speech is protected. >> the attorney who
aggressively, and no clear knockdown, but some very tough uppercuts. >> and that leaves us for a week from matter at the university that could be a game changer. >> absolutely. >> a quick commercial break and we'll come back for a little more analysis i didn't know strawberries were in season right now. shh's no, no, no, no, no, no.. rosco!, no, ♪ opera love it. (crying) ally, ally oh, same dress. yea, you want to get up off the floor? i do. okay. vo: from the new to the hard-to-find: when it's on your mind it's on ebay™. >> historically speaking, vice- presidential candidates are there to be attack dogs. and historically speaking, vice presidential debates don't usually sway the election much at all. tonight, you will decide and we will see you next week for the presidential debate. continuing coverage on your late local news on this fox station, analysis continues on fox news channel on cable and satellite, fox news radio and fox news got comp. i will see you tomorrow. ♪ [ male announcer ] the first only the beginning. ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of t
of us would walk in here and settle. that's how we are! i forgot what i was going to say. patrick, i want 100% commitment! because i care man, ok? who are we!? 49ers! 49ers! 49ers! yeah! [ all cheering ] what the heck is going on in here? sorry coach, i just got a little carried away. alright, i think we're good. [ morgan ] for a chance to be in a locker room on game day and more... join visa nfl fan offers and make your season epic. >> joe: glad you are with us tonight. it's game five. giants facing elimination. they handed the ball to their 34-year-old left-hander and barry zito has been great k. pitch number 100 starts the bottom of the eighth and it's upstairs. skip schumaker pinch-hitting for mitchell boggs. he went one inning, allowed one hit on one and one strikeout and one walk. 2-0 on schumaker. >> tim: looks like skip is taking all the way. taking the first pitch and the second pitch. >> joe: here's the 2-0. on the outside corner. 2-1. affeldt is up again, as is casilla, the right-hander. here's the 2-1. good pitch on the hands of schumaker. 2-2. the righ
: it was brutal and the sand and the gravel was stinging us when that was going on, but the problem, brian and shawn, is that all of this rain is falling all over anne arundel county and it's all coming down into the bay. so the national weather service does expect 2 or 3 feet of flooding and again the next high tide is at 5:45 a.m. who knows what we'll find then. one tree came down in anne arundel county. it went into a house in lincecum. no one was injured and there's occasional spot flooding on roadways in low lying areas. that's the latest from anne arundel and annapolis. >> looks like the power is still on there. thank you both. >>> we want to head to old town, alexandria in northern virginia where karen gray houston is standing by. typically in storms like this we start to see flooding there. what's the situation? >> reporter: we are here because this area is prone to flooding and you can tell that by what some merchants are doing. this starbucks is doing what everybody always does. they've got sandbags in the windows and doors to keep water out, but so far the water is nowhere in s
us, it is 11:00 in the east. miguel cabrera with a two-run shot. his first extra-base hit. his only extra-base hit in this world series and it put the tigers up by one. posey returned the favor with a two-run shots to put the giants up by one in the sixth, and delmon young, the man at the plate, tied it in the bottom of that sixth inning. 3-3 game with the giants leading three games to nothing and a check on garcia. 2-2 pitch. struck him out! what a job by jeremy affeldt! he gets around a leadoff walk and then walks right through the heart of the order. strikes out cabrera. strikes out fielder. gets delmon young. 3-3 into the ninth inning of game four. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ girl ] hey! [ both laugh ] ♪ [ both laugh ] wooohooo....hahaahahaha! oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than a witch in a broom factory. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> joe: andy dirks moves
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, he got that from eric shell, a former pitcher with the san diego padres who used to do the same thing. >> joe: salas and rzepczysnki getting loose. runner goes. blanco heads to third and he's there with nobody out as beltran gets it back in. for brandon crawford, who has an rbi tonight, that's his first base hit. >> tim: so with blanco running, crawford signaling to right field, blanco going to third easily, and the giants with a chance to add on here in the seventh inning. >> joe: aubrey huff steps in. ball 1. affeldt went an inning and a third. two strikeouts, one walk. no runs or hits. casilla will be the next giants pitcher. scooped up by molina. 2-0. boggs has been behind every hitter. strike 1. the 2-1 pitch. to the second baseman, descalso. a run scores. out at second and out at first. it's 8-0 here in the seventh. no rbi for huff on the double-play ball and the bases are empty with two out, as blanco, who led off the inning with a walk, scores on the double-play ball. that will bring in angel pagan. last time the cardinals overcame a deficit of this size, eight runs, it was in
action by shelby miller. as mike matheny described to us before the game, comes right over the top and has a good downward plane with his fastball. tough to hit. as the reds found out the final game of the season in a game that didn't matter, shelby miller held them without a hit through five. strike 2. >> tim: hitters industry a pitcher like that as the guy who is throwing downhill, and miller does it very, very well. the ball is on top of you. even though you are looking for the fastball, it's on top of you before you are ready for it. great extension. >> joe: popped up behind the plate. molina will watch it head into the seats. still 1-2 on belt, who has had a nice night. 2 for 3. here's the motion of of shelby miller. >> tim: that's a four-seam fastball. 96 miles an hour. how about 312 strikeouts in three seasons in the minor leagues. his stuff in the lower minor leagues was just too good for the hitters he was facing. 2-2, the count on him. >> tim: dwight gooden, in 1984, he came up to the big leagues after striking out 300 in 190 innings. in one season. >> joe: unbelievable.
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that bat over. it's almost like champagne bottle. >> joe: jack white could use that as a guitar pick. make guitars out of tin cans. did "meet nein st. louis" i believe, if memory serves. here is craig with an 0-1 count. allen is right-fielder tonightbe. with the knee injury yesterday to beltran. craig went to right tonight. carpenter got the start at first. cardinals. strike two. >> tim: behind that curveball for the most part of adam wainwright. davisteve horn and i were talkig between innings and steve suggested that the curveball might be making a comeback this year. the more i think about it, the more i think he is dead on. >> joe: that got the attention of craig. up and in. the count 2-2. >> tim: allen, glad this pitch is not dead on. out of the way in time. out of harm's way. >> joe: the count two balls, two strikes. with the heart beating quicker for allen craig. he hits it fair. diving and the throw drops on the other end by posey. [ applause ] craig is on to start the seventh. base hit. >> tim: the first hit of the series for craig, as he hooks it down the line. but sandoval just
it to the 23 yard line. that will take us to the toyota half time show. 7-3. philly on top at the half. >>> welcome to the toyota ha halftime show. brought to you by toyota. >> after 28 scoreless minutes t eagles with a touchdown, the giants with a field goal. so it's 7-3 philadelphia. in a moment hines ward will join us to talk about this first half, but first to new york to check on what else happened around the national football league today with dan patrick. >> all right, bob, thank you. is it time for the jets to make a change at quarterback? tony dungy, rodney harrison will discuss/debate coming up. but first t high , the highligh week four. the winless saints at green bay. drew brees touched johnny unitas. he had three on the day including this one to josh morgan. brees through for 446 but rodgers finds nelson. chargers rolled over the chiefs today. rivers two touchdown passes including that one to eddie royal. saints/chargers next sunday night here on nbc. carolina in atlanta. falcons beat the chargers. a minute to go. matt bryant and the falcons stay undefeated. miami in arizo
" it has to be a big event. and we thank "the who" for allowing us to use the music in this world series game number one, as we go to the bottom of the eighth. gregor blanco against the fifth pitcher of the night for the tigers, rick porcello. blanco first up. blanco 0-3, but he has made two outstanding catches in left. now in the hole. 0-2. porcello made 31 starts during the regular season. was 10-12. era of just over 4.5. that is strike three. one out in the bottom of the eighth. the world series is sponsored by lay-away's back at wal-mart on select items. see stores for details and fees. by the nikon one, a different kind of nikon. and by samsung galaxy, no-2. tablet, phone, the best of both. next big thing is here. here's crawford. >> joe: by the way, just so you know, the three-homer game by pablo sandoval, is the second three-homer game in the history of this ballpark which goes back to 2000. this is the 13th season the giants played in this beautiful stadium. the only other guy to do it, to have a three-homer game, kevin ellster of the dodgers. long-time new york met, who did it o
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